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The story of laif core begins with 30 years of passion for journalism at laif Agentur für Photos & Reportagen. As a leading photo agency in Germany, we have refined our expertise in Visual Corporate Storytelling continuously.

Authentic, personal and powerful photography based on photojournalism and subjective photography distinguishes us as well as the expertise of our photographers and the professional competence of our editors.

In a field of business independent from laif, a member of the ddp visual content group, laif core benefits from the expertise and experience of one of Germany’s most important companies in the market for photojournalism, magazine and travel photography. laif represents photographers around the world, as well as international partner agencies and publishing houses like The New York Times or the titles of Société du Figaro. We bundle the skill sets of our value net and find the right partner for a wide range of services.

We tell your story in powerful pictures and develop the visual imagery for your values and messages. In this process you benefit from the intuition of our photographers and from the experience of our editors, not to mention from our international photographic network.

What does practiced environmental protection look like aloft at 650 feet above the open sea? What do refugees have to endure on their escape route from Gevgelija to Passau? And what will be Anne-Sophie Mutter’s legacy? Our Best Practices will illustrate for you, how multifaceted Visual Storytelling can be.



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