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Andreas Fechner

Andreas Fechner

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Culture & Lifestyle

Based in
Duesseldorf, Germany


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Andreas Fechner has been a photographer for more than 20 years.

He graduated as Communication Designer at Essen Folkwang school where he studied also film and photography. His photographic work focuses on people – especially portrait, staged or produced for campaigns. With his work Andreas Fechner shows what motivates people.

But what motivates him? The curiosity, the fascination for people and for photography as a medium to show them. Photographs are his passion. Riding the motorcycle, hang-gliding, sailing and diving  as well.

Clients include: Allianz, Arag, Aareal, Claas Group, Count+Care, Deutsche Bank, Deutz AG, Entega, Greenpeace Magazin, Henkel, HSE Energie AG, iq media, and others

Awards: Reinhard Wolf/ Gegen Rechts, Silber ; ARC-Awards/ IPA Honorable Mention

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