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Götz Schleser

Götz Schleser

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Based in
Berlin, Germany

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Born in 1967 in Frankfurt/Main, he has been a freelance photographer since 1998.

There is nothing he enjoys more than photographing people in their surroundings where they present themselves naturally and how they are: receptive or reserved, bright or dark, emotional or thoughtful, aggressive or sensitive.
You are able to chose a perfect location and set beautiful lightning, but if someone is not really him- or herself and plays a role for  the  camera, it’s not going to be a good portrait. This is why every time Schleser portraits someone he tries to create a save atmosphere that does not just allow honesty but claims it.

Götz Schleser loves his occupation, because it enables him to meet new people every day, to see and show things, that can be beautiful or can hurt. The recurring of the new tempts him every day with the challenge to change and to prospect new subjects.

Clients include: Kunden: Berliner Sparkasse, KNSK, Land Berlin, Land NRW, Land Rheinland Pfalz, Land Sachsen, Jung v. Matt, Media Company, Ministerium für Bildung, NWMD, Reinstoff, SPD,  Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau,  Vattenfall, ThyssenKrupp Magazin,  …

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