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Melissa Golden

Redux Pictures

Melissa Golden


Kultur & Lebensart

Atlanta, GA, USA


Melissa Golden lives in Atlanta, but she isn’t really from anywhere in particular. Her nomadic childhood, courtesy of the United States military, has led to a life marked by continuous change, renewal and wanderlust. Her work is influenced by all the places she’s called home at some point- the brazen oddity and beauty of Southern California, the tradition of the Deep South, the storm light of rural Florida, the heady intrigue of the Middle East and the stiff formality of the District of Columbia. She may not know where she’s going next, but her pictures help her to keep track of where she’s been.


Clients include: Fast Company ⁄ Bloomberg Businessweek ⁄ Fortune ⁄ AARP ⁄ PepsiCo ⁄ Audi ⁄ Adidas ⁄ Open Society Foundations ⁄ Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ⁄ Inc. ⁄ Bloomberg Markets Magazine ⁄ ESPN Magazine ⁄ Town and Country ⁄ Variety ⁄ The Hollywood Reporter ⁄ Education Week ⁄ Der Spiegel ⁄ Le Monde ⁄ The Wall Street Journal ⁄ New York Times ⁄ Washington Post ⁄ The Guardian ⁄ Politico Magazine ⁄ Mental Floss ⁄ CNN ⁄ ⁄ Buzzfeed

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