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Vlad Sokhin

Vlad Sokhin

Focus on

Nature & Environment
Politics & Society

Based in
Dakar, Senegal


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Vlad Sokhin, born in 1981, began his career as photographer in Portugal, where her worked as a freelancer. He later on moved to Mozambique, where he covered social and cultural life of Mozambican society.After moving to Australia in 2011, he became interested in Papua New Guinea and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, where he worked on many photo and video projects.

As a documentary photographer, videographer and multimedia producer Vlad covers human rights, social, cultural, environmental and health-related issues, collaborating with various international media companies and with the United Nations and international NGOs.

Clients include: The International Herald Tribune, BBC World Service, The Guardian, National Geographic Traveler, GEO, Sydney Morning Herald, Marie Claire, The Global Mail, Russian Reporter.

Awards: 2014 – Best Photographer of Russia

Exhibitions: Visa Pour L’Image and Head On photo festivals

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