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Bamberg Symphony – Experience Music in Words and Pictures

Photographer: Andreas Herzau

Client: Bamberg Symphony Foundation

Anniversary Book

The Bamberg Symphony ranks among the ten best orchestras in the world. In cooperation with award-winning lyricist Nora Gomringer, laif core photographer Andreas Herzau has created a work in celebration of the orchestra’s seventieth anniversary. Over a period of two years Herzau and Gomringer accompanied the musicians at home in Bamberg and on international tours. They plunged deeply into the cosmos of the orchestra, in the course of which they struck on an idea for an extraordinary publication; one in which lyric poetry and photography act in concert for the purpose of making the invisible, the music, visible. An intense discourse, with Herzau once again pursuing his personal expectation, to show more than just an aesthetically appealing surface: “The cooperation with my longtime friend Nora Gomringer was very inspiring and new for me. She encouraged me to create my work even more abstract, more closely cropped and mysterious. I was aware, after all, of that second tier, the text, the poetry,” says Herzau.

Bamberg Symphony by Andreas Herzau.

The photographer distinguishes himself through his very particular, often surprising imagery, which blurs the lines of classical photojournalism. Essayistic moments that merge with abstract elements, just to evolve into a tight visual narrative: Not polished photography, but rather visual stimulations that tell us something about the orchestra’s essence, refraining from too much revelation. Herzau wishes to invite the viewer to enter into her own conversation with the orchestra, by offering an intimate glimpse into the daily routines and an entirely new perspective on the ensemble.

Cover_Bamberg_Symphony_Seite_001 by .
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The result is much more than just a portrait. Herzau und Gomringer capture rhythm and sounds, turning the viewer also into a listener. “We are delighted to present our orchestra in such an entirely different way, through this exceptional book – unconventional and fascinating at once,” says Marcus Rudolf Axt, Chief Executive of the Bamberg Symphony. “Just like the Bamberg Symphony with their music, the book evokes ‘soundscapes’ – but minus the sounds.”



Bamberg Symphony by Andreas Herzau.

Andreas Herzau at laif core

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