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Climate Heroines: Strong Women

Photographers: Christian Berg, Helena Schätzle, Vlad Sokhin, Jonas Opperskalski, Oliver Tjaden, David Klammer, Luca Zanetti, Dermot Tatlow, Arno Gasteiger, Rijasolo
Client: CARE

From Fiji to Niger to Germany, it is often women trying out new cultivation methods, establishing networks and taking to the streets for climate protection.

Ten renowned laif core photographers worked together wit the international aid agency CARE and portrayed climate heroines around the world, featuring twelve women who stand up for climate protection with extraordinary commitment.

They found heroines in the following countries:
Germany //  Fiji // India // Madagascar // Niger // Philippines // Peru // USA // Vietnam and West Bank
General Secretary of the UNFCCC Patricia Espinosa Cantellano is the patron of the project and the exhibitions.

In spring 2018, with kind support of Canon and Deutsche Bahn, the „Climate Heroines“ will be displayed at various German central stations, including the cities of Cologne, Essen and Stuttgart.

Klimaheldinnen by Christian Berg.

The exhibition, designed and realized by laif in cooperation with CARE, features portraits and action shots of women, such as the former Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, the head of the Philippine aid organization, Minet Aguisanda-Jerusalem, and the German anti-coal activist, Antje Grothus.

Klimaheldinnen by Helena Schaetzle.
Klimaheldinnen by Arno Gasteiger.
Klimaheldinnen by Oliver Tjaden.
Klimaheldinnen by Christian Berg.
Klimaheldinnen by Dermot Tatlow.
Klimaheldinnen by Vlad Sokhin.
Klimaheldinnen by Jonas Opperskalski.
Klimaheldinnen by Elke Bock.
Klimaheldinnen by Luca Zanetti.
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